Gabriele Spalluto: Where?

29. November– 14. Dezember 2019    

Vernissage, Ausstellung und Sounds


Finissage, Ausstellung und Performance

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Where is where?
What is where?

The concept of place is central to Gabriele Spalluto’s artistic practice.
Places and non-places, empty streets and tourist attractions during off-season, asylum centres
and people’s relationship with their surroundings are present in the artist’s work.
Inspired by Marc Augé’s theory, the Swiss artist questions the impact of man on nature and
the absurdity of man-made places while they are not in use.
At the exhibition at two video works from 2019 are being shown:
Untitled (Off-Season) and We Won’t Share The Shelter.
In Untitled (Off-Season) the Letten, one of Zürich’s most crowded places in summer, is presented
empty during autumn days. The flat and monochrome images of the riverfront “Badi”
are shown in a two channel installation; slow movements and details are being seen on the
two large projections. While on the one channel the full image is shown, on the other the artist
fights against the resolution of the medium, zooming in and making new details appear.
We Won’t Share The Shelter introduces a different approach.
At the centre of the work is the temporary asylum centre of Rancate (Ticino), which was obtained
after the reconversion of a former storage facility.
After having tried but without success to get permission to film inside the facility, the artist
contacted and interviewed three people that used to work at the centre during their civil protection
How does the perception of a place change when not being able to see it?
How can one describe a place only by using words?
The three people tell their personal experience of a place which wasn’t conceived to welcome