Marc Busse @Bellvueplatz 5, Zurich

Untitled (Fp BvPlz5 #1) 2022, Tenji-Blocks (tactile ground surface indicators) and floor paint on wood panels
size: 345 x 345cm (variable)

Marc Busse (*1990)«floor paintings»

Busse deals with reality and perception, so the artist combines visible and tactile elements on canvas and puts the material and purpose of these elements into play. Busse works with various elements from tactile floor guidance systems (ribs, grooves or knobs) that enable people with visual impairments to orientate themselves within public spaces and alert them to dangers. These floor guidance systems, as well as the practices of floor and marking colors used in barrier-free planning and building construction, are the starting point for Busse’s «floor paintings».

In doing so, Busse changes the context of the control systems, but not their precise function. Everyday orientation aids become compositions where the materials and functions of these items create a visual dialogue within the picture. If we now look at this picture as the observer, our awareness experiences the same confusion that optical illusions trigger. In the moment, knowing that we are unclear, we ask ourselves what is real now. This shows us that multiple versions of reality can coexist with no hierarchy. Busse carefully points out this fleeting moment of self-awareness by means of tactile language for the visually impaired.

Text by : Jordis Fellfrau